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I am a musician who does early-2000s style EDM, orchestral music, and melodic dubstep. My main themes are space, darkness, and (uncommonly) emotions.

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Kysertron's News

Posted by Kysertron - July 6th, 2017

With @Awesomeology hosting Craze on Geometry Dash, I will go ahead and make this post about future collabs we have planned. I am RealGDJK on Geometry Dash. Let's give some future collabs we have planned (PM me for your parts):

ALLURE (INFO LEVEL ID: 35568401; this is for you themes)


Song to be used: Detious & Lockyn - Allure


PARTS FOR ALLURE (time in seconds):

@Awesomeology 0 to 12.7
@Jonthecool44 12.7 to 25.4
25.4 to 38.3
Dottwanda 38.3 to 51.1
51.1 to 64
64 to 76.5
76.5 to 89.4
89.4 to 102
102 to 115
115 to 128 Break
128 to 141 Buildup
RealGDJK (me) 141 to 154 Drop Part 1
154 to 166 Drop Part 2
166 to 179 End Part 1
179 to 192 End Part 2

IF INTERESTED: PM me on Newgrounds or PM me on Geometry Dash (GD NAME: RealGDJK)


HOST: @Awesomeology

Song to be used: Colour Color Farge Coleur by @Ectisity



IF INTERESTED: PM Awesomeology on either Newgrounds or Geometry Dash if you are interested



Song to be used: Strong Force by JordanKyser (Me)


PARTS FOR FORCE (time in seconds):

0 to 18 Introduction Part 1
18 to 36 Introduction Part 2 and First Buildup
36 to 48 First Drop Part 1
48 to 60 First Drop Part 2
60 to 72 First Drop Part 3
72 to 84 First Drop Part 4
84 to 96 First Break Part 1
96 to 114 First Break Part 2
114 to 126 Second Buildup
126 to 138 Second Drop Part 1
138 to 150 Second Drop Part 2
150 to 162 Second Drop Part 3
162 to 174 Second Drop Part 4
174 to 186 Second Break Part 1
186 to 198 Second Break Part 2
198 to 210 Second Break Part 3
210 to 222 Break Buildup
222 to 234 End Part 1
246 to 258 End Part 2

IF INTERESTED: PM me on Newgrounds or on Geometry Dash for your parts on Force MC.

Posted by Kysertron - June 30th, 2017

Today marks a full year since I have joined Newgrounds. Loved the path I have taken, and the progress I have made. Now for my second year on Newgrounds! :D

Let's talk about some highlights from my first year:

This is my only highlight from 2016. This is pretty much one of my best 2016 songs, if not the best.

Not my best, not my worst, but not in the middle either. This was my most played, most downloaded, and yet most downvoted song. I am not ashamed of the hate caused, but I don't see this song as a mistake either. This also set the record for a song of mine with the fastest boost with 660 plays in as little as 3 hours!

This was just something I made from scratch. This was my own version of U.N. Owen Was Her (Touhou 6: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil; Scarlet Flandre's Theme). I plan on doing more stuff like this in the future.

My first dubstep collab! @ELEPS44
I am still really astounding of the result, and I hope I can do another ELEPS44 collab soon! My best collab, and his first collab, so there is a first for both of us!

I was really surprised on how this turned out. It was my first time using plucks in FL Studio Mobile. I plan on doing a Truth 3, and sequels for a couple of my other songs.

My song Strong Force was a big step up above my usual stuff of Newgrounds. Thanks to this song, I am able to at least attempt soem basic dubstep (I still need some practice, but I got it somewhat worked out). I am still a rookie at dubstep, but I do pretty well with dubstep at a starter level, but I haven't dabbled with a bit of advanced dubstep yet, I don't think I am ready for it, but soon I will be! And I also have a little story to tell about this song:

While I was making Truth 2, I was thinking of putting in a dubstep drop, but I kept failing, so I went to the demo song Jasmina by Goldhands and used a similar pattern, but I still kept failing. So for the 5 days after, I just went the normal route for Truth 2 and improvised. Not long after that, in April 24, I started a totally new project just for testing a simple dubstep track. I listened to Goldhands's Jasmina again and then listened to ELEPS44's Effects and Dubstep Machine remix. When I got to the pre-drop, I was still trying to figure out a great pattern for a dubstep drop. I was in the same position as I was a month prior, failing just like I did in the drop attempt in Truth 2. So I stopped working on the project and went back to Truth 2 and finished it. Truth 2, at the time, became my best song and most productive, with a total production time of 40 hours. Truth 2 is still my most productive song as of today. So 3 days after I uploaded Truth 2, I began working on the unnamed project (soon to be Strong Force). Just 2 hours after, I found out about a weekly contest called NGCHIPS, so this gave me a bigger inspiration boost. On the next day, I had a eureka moment for the first dubstep drop. 3 hours later, the first dubstep drop became my best work I have done since my first music piece I have done by myself in 2014. Just only 2 days after, the second drop idea came. I just pitched the notes to different pitches so it sounds different, and so it did. I finished it on May 9, where between then and May 13, I tweaked some stuff here and there until it became the Strong Force song you here today. I renamed the unnamed song to Strong Force on May 12. That is pretty much the big story.

This is my second dubstep collab, and a second dubstep collab @tNava has done as well. I really like how this one turned out as well! I also plan on doing more collabs with tNava in the future, but not very soon.

Just putting this in the highlights for one reason: NGCHIPS DumbCompo 2 Sample Pak 9000 Contest hosted by @johnfn. I chose the hardest mode and managed to slide by easily (Ultra Hard Mode: use only 7 of the given samples and no other instruments). I hope there will be another Sample Pak Contest so I can do that challenge again! I love these kind of challenges despite this being my only time in this situation.

My first time at dark cinematic orchestral music. This was my third entry for NGCHIPS III. I accomplished this through a soundfont ensemble in LMMS, and it sounded very majestic but it was repetitive.

Posted by Kysertron - June 26th, 2017

I always have NGCHIPS from @johnfn and NGUAC

It was my first time, so even if I would have made it, I would still be happy, but if I did make it, I would be surprised.

NGUAC auditions end in 4 days but I was the 12th person to submit their NGUAC '17 audition piece. I would also be surprised if I make NGUAC, because this one as well if my first NGUAC.

Anyways, if I don't make NGUAC, I still have NGCHIPS.

Why am I not upset? I learned to not let some things get over my head and get to me.

Posted by Kysertron - March 18th, 2017

I am in another musician block again, and I am thinking of doing my first collab (or collabs) with anybody who uses FL Studio Mobile 3. I don't want to start from scratch (if we do, please do your part first, and make it within 2 days for my pleasure), as I ca't get any fresh ideas out of my head properly. As I did with Dubstep Machine, I found out that to cure my musician block, I just collaborated with someone who wants to have a collab. Please PM me your unfinished FL Studio Mobile 3 song files (this is so I can put my part in it) if you want to have a collab with me. I apologize if I have confused anybody. If my musician block goes away before my first FL Studio Mobile collab, I will still accept those so don't worry.

Posted by Kysertron - March 16th, 2017

Thank you all for making my song Dubstep Machine as my first top feature in Newgrounds!!!! As a thank you, listen to my technostep masterpiece: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/734079.

Posted by Kysertron - March 2nd, 2017

This morning, I open up my computer, only to find out that my remix of Viking Arena has gotten featured!!!!!!!! I knew I could accomplish it if I tried hard enough. Now I will try get one of my songs frontpaged.

Posted by Kysertron - February 26th, 2017

I am hosting a dubstep contest with my song Vocoded (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/727972) and the best will have a collab with me, but this only applied to those who use LMMS. I am thinking of bending the rules some. I will now let anyone try to dubstep any of my non-remix songs. I have four songs already remix-ready and dubstep-ready (https://musescore.com/jordankyser), any others I will try to convert to PDFs for anybody to use for remixes/dubstep by PM request (or by MIDI files if I don't have the XML files, but this will take half an hour to a few hours, unless the songs were made with FL Studio Mobile as those will take a few minutes). The dubstep entries still apply here: http://jordankyser.newgrounds.com/news/post/978232.

Posted by Kysertron - February 13th, 2017

If you want me to remix your music, please send me the following:
- Midi files for each instrument
- Any drum rhythms
- Presets (if possible, mainly to LMMS musicians)

Posted by Kysertron - February 7th, 2017

Through late May, I will be less active on Newgrounds due to exams at school, but my activity will only diminish progressively rather than a sudden change of activity. On the week containing May 9th and May 12th, I may not even be on Newgrounds due to very special exams I have to take. On the brighter side, until the exams I may upload some music just to keep the feeling that I have not left. But after May 23th, my activity on Newgrounds should return to normal afterwards, if not after May 12th. Don't worry, I will be back sooner or later.

Posted by Kysertron - February 4th, 2017

(This was posted on mobile)

I am working on an ambient song similar to my song Pain, but it will be roughly a quarter of that length. I am also working on a dubstep remix in which I am finishing up to upload to Newgrounds. I don't do well on dubstep so don't expect anything great (implies to the dubstep fans).