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I am a musician who does early-2000s style EDM, orchestral music, and melodic dubstep. My main themes are space, darkness, and (uncommonly) emotions.

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So... How has it been? (Along with a long flashback story)

Posted by Kysertron - August 13th, 2020


It has been quite a while since I've shown much activity. It has actually been over a month since I did this song.

Anyways, off to the first question... What happened?

To answer that question, I will go ahead and say that not much happened, but I just went on a short break. I never realized how it has already been over a month since my last song. Also, song 400 will still be made, just not now. The last few weeks have made me very worrisome, but I'm still here! (I really don't like how the internet is being right now, I just want to make friends.)

Regardless, I've still been checking Newgrounds daily in case something interesting happens, but I wasn't been very production for the month of July. July was not that great of a month to be honest, but I hope the rests of August and September are promising.

Also, I've had a lot of people in the past month ask me about usage of my songs (usually the remixes). I just want to say that all of my music is free to use unless I say otherwise (of course, I should be credited for the original work except for the remixes). A lot of people have come up to me about a song of mine being removed, but let's not talk about that (it was kind of expected anyways).

I was also asked... When will you get an official artist name?

Hmm... Not sure how to answer that one. I've really been thinking of renaming myself RealGDJK like I'm named on Soundcloud, but I'm not sure. People know me by my actual name, and I think that a sudden name change will confuse people. (Plus, I don't really see much of a point now, but if people want me to rename myself as RealGDJK, then I could do it.) Some people know me by JordanKyser (or Jordan Kyser), others know me by RealGDJK. Not much else to say, but I have been thinking a lot about renaming to RealGDJK (and I understand that I may have to be whitelisted again for anybody on GD).

Another thing I was asked was... When will you make music again?

I never really stopped, but let's say I went on a very short hiatus. (Experimenting was also close to nothing.) A lot of people seem to know me for my older stuff, and that is completely fine! I really don't think my older stuff represents me as well as my newer and current stuff (I would even say late 2018 would not represent me very well, either... excluding A Nightmare in Disguise and other songs). My newer stuff doesn't get as much attention as my older stuff did (also because the audio portal changed, which is mostly why), but I don't see the views as views much anymore... if that makes sense. Most of the time, if a song of mine gets over 300 plays in less than a month or 2 weeks, I'm happy. On top of that, I've slowed down A LOT when it comes to making music. If you compare each year I made music by how many songs I uploaded on Newgrounds, you can see a huge difference (especially the change between 2018 and 2019). Every year, I had a milestone for every 100 songs, but not in 2019. (Which is weird because I had a lot of people expecting me to make my 400th song in late 2019.)

A few people asked me... Why can I only find your stuff on Newgrounds?

This was an older question when I made the remix of Alan Walker's Faded. I heard it was on a featured level on Geometry Dash, and it got a lot of attention all of a sudden. Afterwards, I had a few people ask me why it was just on Newgrounds. I never really saw anything outside of Newgrounds, but I just saw Newgrounds as a place to share my music (no, I did not want to do it because of GD, that just happened). I've been on Newgrounds for over 4 years now, but I'm not going to leave it anytime soon. I may become a part of a label, and I still will not leave. (I don't know if I can still upload my own work even if it is part of a label... that's just a hypothetical statement, but still a thought nonetheless). I do upload some of my music to YouTube, and some of my music is on Spotify. (I thought it was too late to upload my music on YouTube, and I still think it was too late.)

Another question... Why did you join Newgrounds?

Okay, I never really answered this question in full, but I will say it now. Originally, I had some MIDI music made back in 2014 and early 2015. On late May 2016, was trying to find a site where people could see it quickly. Newgrounds was one of the first sites that I ran across. I officially joined Newgrounds on June 30, in which my first song shared was The Rage on the day after I joined Newgrounds (which was originally made as a private project back in April 2014). The first song I ever made was actually the original version of Randomized (I made it earlier in the same month I made The Rage, but I uploaded it on November 2016). Why did I say "original version"? Because a few people know me for my updated version. I've always thought that there may be someone out there who could appreciate the simplicity of my works (they were not great, but it was a start... from two years before I joined Newgrounds). I do wish I could have found out about Newgrounds in 2014, but I like my current self. I always think of if I were to join Newgrounds in 2014, then my 2016 self would be much different. Anyways, this question was about I joined Newgrounds. So, a lot of people asked what DAW do I use, but I had little to no knowledge about DAWs back then. I wanted to try to find a free DAW, and LMMS was the first to pop up of many. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing, when this song was made not long after I first got LMMS. (You can listen to that song just to see how far I've actually gotten.) I'm not going to get into to much detail, so here is a post to about my older music.

On top of all that, I've been doing very well over the past month. My everyday routine has not changed a lot since the pandemic started (other than boredom has another reason to haunt me more). Right now, I'm just fighting boredom. I'm wanting something interesting to happen so I don't feel like I'm out of it.