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I am a musician who does early-2000s style EDM, orchestral music, and melodic dubstep. My main themes are space, darkness, and (uncommonly) emotions.

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Felt nostalgic... (looking back at my younger self)

Posted by Kysertron - November 3rd, 2019

(Be warned of the long post)

I was actually going through my MATRIX songs, when I thought hmm... I wonder what my older music sounded like...

Okay... I will admit that my older music is not that great, but I actually learned quite a few things from my older music. One thing right away is how I do my mixing and mastering. A lot of my older music from 2016 and 2017 (early 2017) tended to be very bad and clipped a lot. I was a different person then, so I have changed.

However, there was a couple of playlist that really got me thinking: Simplistic and Tales from Touhou (early songs). I noticed something that really caught my eye that I forgot about. I have done away with a lot of my presets that I have (and they just sit there in my LMMS/FLM libraries). There was actually one moment where I thought I could try to remake some of the Simplistic songs. Of course, that would be very difficult because of the style differences, but what is really stopping me is the fact that I have actually gotten hate from my older music. I get it. My older music sucks, but maybe I can try to remake them.

I also noticed a few places where my usual style made drastic shifts. One of those times was when I found out about a limiter later in 2017. The problem was that I started to abuse the limiter (there we go, I admitted doing overcompression). I forgot when I started to stray away from the limiter (I think it was Making a New Life). However, there were quite a few songs I loved making and still like from 2017, one of them being Plasma Sword, which was a collab with @TheFantasticZ that I will always remember to this day. Which reminds me, I believe I have done more collabs with TheFantasticZ than any other person, but I am not really sure.

There was a time where I tried to make stuff I am either not used to or never made before (this was called New Things). There were two tracks that I particularly liked... The Big Boom and Making a New Life. I believe that these songs (albeit mostly crap) actually helped me in the long run.

I think that whole "drastic shift" to my current style all start in Making a New Life and Lost in Space was that big boost for me to my current style. Even though my current style is a bit different than my 2018 style, I still believe that parts of my 2018 self is still there. In my opinion, I really do not want to completely let go of my 2018 components yet because I still believe that I can improve on even my recent stuff. Is there really a difference in my Lost in Space style and style?

I have actually had quite a few people tell me how much I have changed in just this calendar year alone, so imagine how much I have changed since 2017 (or even 2016). I have much quite a big leap this year, and I am planning to make a bigger leap next in 2020.

Anyways, just wanted to put this out there because I felt like everybody should look back at there older works and see how far we have gotten from our younger selves.