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I am a musician who does early-2000s style EDM, orchestral music, and melodic dubstep. My main themes are space, darkness, and (uncommonly) emotions.

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News Update 3/25/2019

Posted by Kysertron - March 25th, 2019

I know it has been over a month since my last big update, but I will try to get back to doing these...

Main Topic: TheFantasticZ Collaborations

This is will be my main focus for the next few weeks. @TheFantasticZ and I were discussing about the possibility of having a set of songs just for our collaborations. We do not mean add our old ones in. These will be comprised of completely new collabs (mostly) made from scratch.

Why are we doing this exactly?

Both TheFantasticZ and I were actually discussing about future expectations for the year of 2019. We both came to a quick agreement (I mean... very quickly) about doing a set of collaborations with each other for the next few months. Most of the songs will stay secret, but a lot of the songs that we have planned will be mentioned later in this news post.

How many songs are planned for this big project?

First off, I would say that I would consider this to be one big project as a whole. The answer to how many songs is still unknown. We have already agreed to at least 3 already (two a sequels to past collabs, one is a sequel to one of TFZ's song series).

Topic One: New Beginnings Update

So... I have not been having a lot of audience as I hoped for the first 4 songs, but I won't give up. I have my 5th song in the works right now, so I hope to surprise people (and I really mean that).

I did have two main expectations:

First: Get at least three of songs listened over 250 times.

Second: Get at least one song featured or on popular audio.

I have my first expectation reached, but I will still try to get the second expectation reached. It will be much hard due to the changes to the Audio Portal.

Topic Two: Current Song Projects

In Progress

New Beginnings Track 5: Get Ready to Fight!

This was a song that I started this past weekend. I hope to finish this week so I can upload it Thursday. Like the other New Beginnings tracks, it stands out from most of my past songs. Not only that, it also stands out from my New Beginnings tracks.

Plasma Sword 2 (TFZ+JK Collab)

Plasma Sword's much awaited sequel is finally in the works! We hope to make it much better and surprise you when it comes out! :D


Nothing much different. You can check my last news post about some planned projects already stated but not started.

Lost in Space: Chapter 15

This is now going to be in planned because I have had nobody actually give me their parts to this collaboration. I might have to seek people that will actually help me with this project.

Crazy Thoughts 2: Crazier Thoughts

Still not sure if this will be an actual project, I might wait a while until I make this.

BRASS 2 (TFZ+JK Collab)

This one was mentioned by TheFantasticZ. He has started the project already, but we won't know much about this project within the next few days or so.

Super Space 4 (TFZ+JK Collab)

I mentioned this collab to TheFantasticZ. The decision on whether to do this or not is still not made yet, so stay tuned!

Special song for 150 Fans?

Still an idea. I have 16 fans to go as of this news post. :D