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I am a musician who does early-2000s style EDM, orchestral music, and melodic dubstep. My main themes are space, darkness, and (uncommonly) emotions.

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Kysertron's News

Posted by Kysertron - October 27th, 2020

Honestly, I've been waiting quite a while for this to happen. Now I am halfway to 500 fans!

It took over 4 years, but it finally happened. Although, I have gotten more fans this year than I have the past 3 years (not combined, though).

What's crazy is that the only songs people remember me for are my covers/remixes from 2017. While I still get attention for my Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites remix, it does not reflect my current sound design in any way, if at all.

Why do I keep my older music? It is because I want people to know how much I've changed over the years. Some people like my older music, while other people like my newer music.



Posted by Kysertron - October 23rd, 2020

This month was quite an active month for me (even though there were only 4 projects in the month, excluding Imminent Outbreak). There were 2 TFZ+JK collabs finished (A Star's Final Breath and Reverse 2), my Spooktacular cover, and even my first midtempo project.

Along with that, three of my songs this year have already made some milestones just this week. Big Red Sun surpassed 9,800 listens, Proxima Centauri surpassed 3,500 listens, and Welcome to the Post-Apocalypse surpassed 5,000 listens.

Also, this news post is also to mention some potential plans for 2021.

Potential Project 1: TFZ+JK Collab EP

@TheFantasticZ and I had discussed this as an idea for 2021 earlier this month. If this does become official, it will be one of our main projects for around a couple months (we want to ensure the quality of the songs as well, since the bar will be set considerably higher).

We have a couple ideas on what our collab EP could be based on, but we won't officially stating anything else until we decide what the EP will be.

Potential Project 2: The Universe Volume 2

For anybody who has listened to any of The Universe Volume 1, this should be a given. The reason I'm waiting until then is because it is still way too soon to do two albums in one year (not to mention, Lost in Space spanned two years in production).

A lot of people should know that a lot of my music is based on space. It is either space, or it is adventure. There is not much outside of those two (outside of EPs). Making The Universe Volume 1 seems redundant in this case, but it makes sense. I see it as putting my space-themed music in a new direction/perspective.

Since Volume 1 was based on stars, that should hint on what Volume 2 will be based on.

Potential Project 3: Sequel EP to Imminent Outbreak EP

This is a potential project that I have not made any ideas on yet, but it is something I want to focus on soon. I've been thinking about making Imminent Outbreak as if it was some kind of story (or even have some lore in it).

Similar to Lost in Space, I've been thinking about making something else that I want to be known for (along with The Universe). I don't want anything too complicated. If I want to have Imminent Outbreak to be based as an actual story, then I want it to be simple enough so it can be easy to get along with yet complex enough to where there's more than the bare minimum amount of context.


Posted by Kysertron - October 1st, 2020


Be sure to check it out on bandcamp at the link above!

Stay tuned for a special EP/Album announcement within the next 2 weeks! :O

I will be happy to answer any questions relating to the Imminent Outbreak EP.


Posted by Kysertron - September 30th, 2020

As I am posting this, it is still September 30, but it should be October 1 on the other side of the world. Oh well... I'm going to post this anyway.

I've done a post about Spooktober 2019, so I'll make this Spooktober post early.

What are the plans for Spooktober 2020?

First and foremost, is music. Although I have not planned anything yet, I will very soon. I made a song for Halloween 2018 called Spooky Space, and I made 3 songs for Spooktober 2019 (which is in the link above, 1 of the songs was made exclusively for the event). The plan is to make at least one song of any related topic to Spooktober (I may use the Hall-20's theme as a theme for one of the songs).

Secondly, there was this story contest called Hall-20, I thought I might try that out too. I'm not the best at making stories, but it may be worth a shot. I have tried to do a story for my album Lost in Space, but that almost ended up in a failure (trying to get into writing stories is extremely difficult if you don't know a lot of what you're doing, but I'm trying my best).


TFZ+JK 2 Updates

At the moment, we are still doing our third song. I can't say anything at the moment other than it is a story-based song (so... expect a medley-type collab when it uploads).

EP Updates

DISCLAIMER: Okay, someone had already asked me about the situation with 4th Dimensional Shapes as the original 3rd EP of 2020. That was supposed to happen, but the song Tetraplex was a big flunk. That is why Imminent Outbreak was mentioned as my 3rd Solo EP of 2020, because it was actually the 3rd EP to be completely finish. However, I don't know if I will ever do Tetraplex, but I may do it if I can get the motivation to do so... and it would take quite a bit of motivation.

Okay, now that I mentioned about that whole situation, on to the actual EP updates. I don't have anything officially planned, but I have quite a backlog (I have 4 full ideas, 3 are EPs and 1 is an album). There is no way I will do all of them at once, but I will do most of them in 2021 (or try to, anyway). I can't really much what they are at the moment, but I may reveal further details if any of these progress well.



Posted by Kysertron - September 25th, 2020




Posted by Kysertron - September 12th, 2020

What could it be? More details will be provided as the EP progresses (yes, it is an EP). :)




Posted by Kysertron - August 27th, 2020

400 songs... that is quite the milestone. Since the beginning of 2019, I've only made less than 100 songs (for reference, my 300th song was in December 2018). It's a personal milestone, but a milestone regardless. My last 100 songs, according to some, are better than my first 300 (or 250) songs I have made altogether.

100 more, and my 500th song will be here (probably won't be until 2022 or 2023, but who knows)!



Posted by Kysertron - August 13th, 2020


It has been quite a while since I've shown much activity. It has actually been over a month since I did this song.

Anyways, off to the first question... What happened?

To answer that question, I will go ahead and say that not much happened, but I just went on a short break. I never realized how it has already been over a month since my last song. Also, song 400 will still be made, just not now. The last few weeks have made me very worrisome, but I'm still here! (I really don't like how the internet is being right now, I just want to make friends.)

Regardless, I've still been checking Newgrounds daily in case something interesting happens, but I wasn't been very production for the month of July. July was not that great of a month to be honest, but I hope the rests of August and September are promising.

Also, I've had a lot of people in the past month ask me about usage of my songs (usually the remixes). I just want to say that all of my music is free to use unless I say otherwise (of course, I should be credited for the original work except for the remixes). A lot of people have come up to me about a song of mine being removed, but let's not talk about that (it was kind of expected anyways).

I was also asked... When will you get an official artist name?

Hmm... Not sure how to answer that one. I've really been thinking of renaming myself RealGDJK like I'm named on Soundcloud, but I'm not sure. People know me by my actual name, and I think that a sudden name change will confuse people. (Plus, I don't really see much of a point now, but if people want me to rename myself as RealGDJK, then I could do it.) Some people know me by JordanKyser (or Jordan Kyser), others know me by RealGDJK. Not much else to say, but I have been thinking a lot about renaming to RealGDJK (and I understand that I may have to be whitelisted again for anybody on GD).

Another thing I was asked was... When will you make music again?

I never really stopped, but let's say I went on a very short hiatus. (Experimenting was also close to nothing.) A lot of people seem to know me for my older stuff, and that is completely fine! I really don't think my older stuff represents me as well as my newer and current stuff (I would even say late 2018 would not represent me very well, either... excluding A Nightmare in Disguise and other songs). My newer stuff doesn't get as much attention as my older stuff did (also because the audio portal changed, which is mostly why), but I don't see the views as views much anymore... if that makes sense. Most of the time, if a song of mine gets over 300 plays in less than a month or 2 weeks, I'm happy. On top of that, I've slowed down A LOT when it comes to making music. If you compare each year I made music by how many songs I uploaded on Newgrounds, you can see a huge difference (especially the change between 2018 and 2019). Every year, I had a milestone for every 100 songs, but not in 2019. (Which is weird because I had a lot of people expecting me to make my 400th song in late 2019.)

A few people asked me... Why can I only find your stuff on Newgrounds?

This was an older question when I made the remix of Alan Walker's Faded. I heard it was on a featured level on Geometry Dash, and it got a lot of attention all of a sudden. Afterwards, I had a few people ask me why it was just on Newgrounds. I never really saw anything outside of Newgrounds, but I just saw Newgrounds as a place to share my music (no, I did not want to do it because of GD, that just happened). I've been on Newgrounds for over 4 years now, but I'm not going to leave it anytime soon. I may become a part of a label, and I still will not leave. (I don't know if I can still upload my own work even if it is part of a label... that's just a hypothetical statement, but still a thought nonetheless). I do upload some of my music to YouTube, and some of my music is on Spotify. (I thought it was too late to upload my music on YouTube, and I still think it was too late.)

Another question... Why did you join Newgrounds?

Okay, I never really answered this question in full, but I will say it now. Originally, I had some MIDI music made back in 2014 and early 2015. On late May 2016, was trying to find a site where people could see it quickly. Newgrounds was one of the first sites that I ran across. I officially joined Newgrounds on June 30, in which my first song shared was The Rage on the day after I joined Newgrounds (which was originally made as a private project back in April 2014). The first song I ever made was actually the original version of Randomized (I made it earlier in the same month I made The Rage, but I uploaded it on November 2016). Why did I say "original version"? Because a few people know me for my updated version. I've always thought that there may be someone out there who could appreciate the simplicity of my works (they were not great, but it was a start... from two years before I joined Newgrounds). I do wish I could have found out about Newgrounds in 2014, but I like my current self. I always think of if I were to join Newgrounds in 2014, then my 2016 self would be much different. Anyways, this question was about I joined Newgrounds. So, a lot of people asked what DAW do I use, but I had little to no knowledge about DAWs back then. I wanted to try to find a free DAW, and LMMS was the first to pop up of many. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing, when this song was made not long after I first got LMMS. (You can listen to that song just to see how far I've actually gotten.) I'm not going to get into to much detail, so here is a post to about my older music.

On top of all that, I've been doing very well over the past month. My everyday routine has not changed a lot since the pandemic started (other than boredom has another reason to haunt me more). Right now, I'm just fighting boredom. I'm wanting something interesting to happen so I don't feel like I'm out of it.


Posted by Kysertron - July 9th, 2020

Just making this news post to say that my album The Universe Volume 1 is now available on Spotify!


Also, I'll be doing another short break (shouldn't be too long) before I start doing another song (by another song, I mean my 400th song, which I will be making an announcement later this month about).



Posted by Kysertron - June 27th, 2020

I am please to announce the release of my first solo album, The Universe Volume 1!

You can get the album here: https://jordankyser.bandcamp.com/album/the-universe-volume-1

Also, I have a full mix premiere on YouTube at 10 A.M. CT (11 ET/8 PT):